Crochet Donut - Free Crochet Pattern

Monday 3 January 2022

This is a crochet pattern to make this super cute donut. You can make them in all sorts of colours!
I wanted a donut that wasn't too big and wasn't too small, when worked with plush yarn. I like this size because it's just a bit bigger than a real donut!

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Basic Donut

Yarn used

Hobbii Baby Snuggle:
- Beige (underside)
- Frosting colour
- Sprinkles colours

Other Items used

- US G/4.25mm Crochet Hook
- Yarn needle
- Poly fill
- Stitch markers -optional

Abbreviations and stitches

• MR: Magic ring 
• St(s): Stitch(es) 
• SC: Single crochet 
• Inc: Increase (Stitch 2 SC into the stitch) 

• (...) x n: Repeat instructions in brackets n times
**This pattern uses US Crochet Terms**


Make 2: one in beige and one in the frosting colour. 
One of these pieces should have a long tail to start and finish. 

(Leave a long tail to start, for one colour only) 
Slip knot, Ch 20. SC to first st to join, to form a ring (this is first st of R1) 

R1: (4SC, inc) x 4 (24) 
R2: (3SC, inc) x 6 (30)
R3: (4SC, inc) x 6 (36) 
R4: (5SC, inc) x 6 (42) 
R5: (6SC, inc) x 6 (48) 
R6-8: 48SC 

Sl st to close, and cut the yarn. (Leave a long tail for one of the colours only) 


Use the long tail from the centre of the donut to sew the centres together. 

Use the long tail from the outside the donut to sew the outer edges together, stuffing as you go.

Embroider the sprinkles on to the donut.

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  1. is the best site EVER!!! i love all of the patterns they are so cute!!! i am a huge FAN!!!!!