Easy Crochet Cluster Blanket

Wednesday 5 June 2024

I have a truly lovely crochet blanket pattern to share with you today. It's a stitch that is probably in every old crochet book, and loved by many crocheters through the decades. It's also probably the easiest crochet blanket pattern there is!

It's what I like to call a "mindless" pattern; I completed the entire blanket while binging my favourite TV series. It really doesn't take much concentration at all!

I wanted to add something "special" to this blanket. After much perusing, I discovered this yarn by Hobbii called Mocktail. It's a super soft acrylic/ wool blend. But the special part is that it has these beautiful, subtle sparkles spread throughout the lighter colours.

The yarn, with its soft and slightly sparkly texture, adds a touch of elegance and modernity to this timeless pattern.

For convenience, I've created a full free Youtube tutorial here!

Yarn used

- 16 skeins of Hobbii Mocktail in Virgin Margarita (50g/ 98yds) = 1600 yds
- Contrasting yarn of similar weight for border (optional - I used same yarn for border)

Other Items used

- Size J/ 5.75mm crochet hook (or hook to match yarn weight)
- Scissors
- Yarn needle

Abbreviations and stitches

• St(s): Stitch(es) 
• SC: Single crochet 
• HDC: Half Double Crochet
• DC: Double Crochet
• Sk: Skip a stitch
• (...) x n: Repeat instructions in brackets n times
**This pattern uses US Crochet Terms**


1. Create the foundation chain
Foundation chain number = (multiple of 3) + 2
My blanket (40 inch x 48 inch): 131 chain stitches for foundation chain (129+2)

R1: Starting in 2nd ch from the hook: 1 SC in each st back down the ch. Ch 1, turn

R2: Start in last SC from previous row. (SC, HDC, DC) in same st, sk 2. Repeat until end of row. 1SC into the last SC. Ch 1, turn.

Row 3 - n: Repeat row 2 steps until desired length is reached 

Note: Each “cluster” will always go into a SC stitch 

If using contrasting colour for border, fasten off and weave in the ends


R1: Attach contrasting yarn (if using) anywhere on the blanket and ch 1. SC around blanket, with 3 SC in each corner. Sl st back into first SC.

R2: Ch 2. DC around blanket, with 3 DC in each corner. Sl St back in to 1st DC.

Fasten off and weave in all the ends

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