Crochet Easter Peep / Bunny - Free Crochet Pattern

Friday 18 March 2022


This is a crochet pattern to make this cute little Easter peep! You can make them in all sorts of colours.

There is a full Youtube tutorial to create this peep here

Yarn used

Hobbii Baby Snuggle

Other Items used

- US G/4.25mm Crochet Hook
- 9mm safety eyes
- Yarn needle
- Poly fill
- Stitch markers -optional
*Please note that safety eyes are NOT recommended for children under the age of 3 years.

Abbreviations and stitches

• MR: Magic ring 

• St(s): Stitch(es) 

• SC: Single crochet 

• Inc: Increase (Stitch 2 SC into the stitch) 

• Sl St: Slip Stitch

• (...) x n: Repeat instructions in brackets n times

**This pattern uses US Crochet Terms**


Ears - Make 2

R1: 6 SC in a MR
R2: (SC, inc) x 3 (9)
R3: 9 SC
R4: (2 SC, inc) x 3 (12)
R5-7: 12 SC (3 rounds of 12)
R8: (SC, dec) x 4 (8)

First ear only:
Sl st to close
Cut the yarn, leaving a tail for sewing

Second ear only:
Join to 1st ear with a SC (This is 1st st of R1 of head)


(First st was done in previous step)

R1: (2SC, dec) x 4 (12)
R2: 12 inc (24)
R3-6: 24 SC (4 rounds of 24)
Sew hole closed using tail from end of first ear  

Stuff ears

R7: 12 dec (12)
R8: 12 SC
Attach eyes between R5 and R6, 5 sts apart
R9: (SC, inc) x 6 (18)
R10: (2SC, inc) x 6 (24)
R11-R16: 24 SC (6 rounds of 24)
R17: (SC, dec) x 8 (16)
R18: 8 dec (8)
Close and cut the yarn, leaving a tail for sewing
Sew the hole closed


  1. This was such an easy and fun pattern

  2. This is amazing for Easter basket fillers for gifts!! Keep up the great work!!❤

  3. Thank you for such a a cute, simple project.