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Crochet Reversible Octopus PatternChonky Dinosaur Crochet PatternCrochet Rainbow Bee PatternCrochet Squishy Cow Free Crochet PatternCrochet seahorse - Free Crochet PatternCrochet Octopus - Free Crochet PatternCrochet Mushroom Boy - Free Crochet PatternCrochet Bat - Free Crochet Pattern


  1. I'm having some trouble with the eggplant leaves, I've re-read the pattern and even watched the video and I still can't get it, any tips would be well welcomed 😅

  2. These patterns are so cute! Thank you for sharing them! You are awesome!! 😊

  3. So cute! Where is the Koala bear pattern? Just the perfect size and I love the plushie yarn.